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December 01, 2020 2 min read




Viter Energy Mints



  • You must be 18 years old or older.
  • You must be a legal resident of the US and have a continental US postal address where the product can be sent.

We apologize but we cannot ship giveaway products outside of the continental US due to shipping expenses.

You may only win one Viter Energy contest of any kind in a 12 month period unless expressly noted.  


All Viter Energy giveaways are in no way associated with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, or any other companies. All giveaways are sponsored by Viter Energy which is owned by The BSD Project LLC and feature only Viter Energy products.  

Steps to Take Before You Enter

We try to make our giveaways as simple as possible. Whether you come across our contest on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, or any other site, all you have to do is click on the link provided. From there, you will be directed to the Viter Energy Giveaway page. Before any entries are counted, you must sign up using your Email address.

This is very important because a confirmation email is sent to let you know that you have successfully entered the contest. You will also receive emails letting you know how many entry points you have earned and ways to earn more.

How to Enter

Here is the 1 way you can enter this giveaway and earn points:

  1. Sign up for our newsletter

Please note: Contests are based on a point system. Points are listed on the contest page next to each entry type. To make sure points are accounted for, use the official Viter Energy Contest Page when participating and remember to log in with your email.

How Not to Enter

Please do not contact Viter Energy via email or through any social network messaging to be entered into contests. Since all contests are based on a point system, all entries have to be made through the official Viter Energy Contest Page.

What if I encounter a problem?

If you experience any problems along the way, please reach out to Viter Energy here.

How will I know if I won?

If you win, you will receive an email from Viter Energy with instructions on how to claim your prize. Winners have one week to claim their prize from receipt of email instructions.

If you think you may have missed an email from us and want to check if you won a giveaway, contact Viter Energy here.

When will I receive my Viter Energy product?

If you win a Viter Energy giveaway, you should receive your product within 10 business days after we receive the winner's mailing address.


Viter Energy
Viter Energy

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