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Viter Energy Gum - Wintergreen & Cinnamon Flavors Variety Sampler

2 Pieces per pack = 8 Pieces of gum

60mg Caffeine per Piece

Viter (rhymes with fighter) Energy Gum is powerfully flavored sugar free chewing gum that contains caffeine, guarana and B Vitamins.

Made for people who want energy, great taste, and convenience in one product, take it with you anywhere - for when you need a quick boost of fast energy and fresh breath.

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JEANA W. (United States)
Strong taste

Both the mints and gum have really strong tastes. But I do believe the caffeine gives me a more energy and is a nice boost.

The M.D.M.T. (United States)
Same flavor as the mints, but weaker caffeination...

The cinnamon and wintergreen flavors are the same in the new gum as they are in the mints, but the caffeine isn't as strong in the gum as it seems to be in the mints. Still good, and easier than a cup of coffee, but still...

Rachel D. (United States)
I liked them!

I thought they were very compact and easy to take with a nice flavor.

Nick (United States)
instant activation

Absorption through the mouth is pretty instant, much faster then through the stomach, goto this when I don't have the time for for energy drinks

Alex G. (United States)
Smooth and full of flavor

I have been enjoying the mints for quite some time, and the gum adds a new dimension to that experience.

Cheryl W. (United States)
Love the gum

I love the gum and mints

Tina H.
Voter Energy Gum

I love it :) it gave me just the right boost to get through my day. Thank you so much for introducing me to a great pick me up.