The Viter Energy Story

Viter Energy Mints 

Whatever it is you're doing in your life, you need the energy to do it, and sometimes you just need an energy boost.

We created Viter (rhymes with fighter) Energy Mints for when you need that extra help. When you need an extra boost to do what you want to do.

Easy to carry, convenient to have on the go, and not something you drink, these mints taste good and they work

Our Story

Labor Day weekend, we were at the Dave Matthews Band concert at The Gorge Amphitheater in Washington State. It was sunny and over 90 degrees, so we spent the afternoon cooling off in the Columbia River at Vantage before the concert.

Columbia River

Our awesome tickets had us right in front of the stage for the concert, so we got there an hour early to get as close as possible. 

Bryan and Jacob

Soon after we got there, lots of people started to arrive, and we didn't want to leave where we were standing for restroom and refreshment breaks because we didn't want to lose our spots.

The sun went down, the concert started, and we were exhausted.

We need an energy boost but didn't want to drink anything because we didn't want to run to the restroom during the concert! We also wanted something that tasted good and had enough caffeine to work, but not so much caffeine that would leave us up all night.

We wanted an energy breath mint.

Why Viter Energy Mints?

These mints are different from your morning coffee or energy drink.

Because each mint is a moderate amount of caffeine, use them to fill in the gaps of your day when you don't want to drink another espresso or you can't find time to run to the corner store for a drink. The mints are a convenient and great tasting form of energy on demand for whenever you need them.

Viter Energy Mints

 Here's why we like these mints and know you will too

  • They taste great - the mints are clean, refreshing, and give you minty fresh breath.
  • Easy to carry - the tin is small enough to carry in your pocket, purse, or keep in a desk drawer. A tin of mints is much easier to carry around than a can, bottle, or cup.
  • Have as much or as little caffeine as you need - not every event calls for a venti triple shot of caffeine. Need a small boost? Have one mint. Got something bigger going on? Have another mint.
  • Ingredients we understand - this is a sugar free breath mint with caffeine and B-vitamins for good taste and energy. We left out the other questionable energy ingredients we don't understand on purpose. 
  • It's not a drink - it's for situations when you just don't want or can't have a drink.

Who are these mints for?

These mints don't have to replace your coffee, tea, or Red Bull. They are for people who find themselves in situations who need a small amount of energy right now when they don't want a drink.

They are for people who like their breath fresh and their energy levels just right.

Viter Energy Mints

We've tested these mints and they work amazingly well in the following situations: 

  • The Morning - On your way to work or the gym
  • The Afternoon - Right after lunch when you feel sluggish
  • The Evening - When you need to finish up extra work or study for an exam
  • At Night - When going out with friends

Anytime you need more energy, these mints are there for you.

Where are Viter Energy Mints Made?

Viter Energy Mints are made in a state of the art GMP and FDA compliant facility in Canada.

Viter Energy Mints

The Guys Behind Viter Energy

We're two friends on a mission to live more energetic lives! We want to help people live with more energy so they can do the things that are most meaningful to them. We're based in New York, so let us know if you're nearby and want to say hello!


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