Try Viter Energy Caffeinated Gum - 2 Flavor Variety Sampler

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JEANA W. (United States)
Strong taste

Both the mints and gum have really strong tastes. But I do believe the caffeine gives me a more energy and is a nice boost.

Judd W. (United States)
Pretty darn happy

First off I want to let you know I didn’t just eat one piece and review it. I planned on writing a review much sooner on the gum and mints but we had a huge fire in the mountains by our family cabin (French Fire as it’s known) 26k acres burned.
So this really took up a ton of my time from writing this review a d doing many other things.
During this time I did use the both products (mints and gum) a lot (for about 2 weeks) do to having to make long drives back and forth from our home to our cabin to evacuate anything we could before the area was closed knowing the fire was covering so much area and fast.
So I was chewing away.
I found the wintergreen flavor to last longer than the cinnamon flavor. I really love cinnamon the flavor (made me think of my old favorite big red gum when i was a kid) and smell of just about anything Cinnamon.
The wintergreen flavor was on point and lasted a long time for my long drives. So that was great. I timed when I ate the gum while I was driving especially at night and I never seemed to get tired which was nice since I wasn’t fighting being tired even though i was.
This was a great test without really knowing or planning this review since I was worried about the fire and how close it was to our place and many friends cabins.
I also love that it’s aspartame free. I love to eat as clean as possible and helping people clean their bodies of inflammatory items they may not know about or realize they’re consuming.
I give this 5 stars because it worked great when I needed it most, and it taste good also. 👍👍

Robert M. (United States)
Caffeinated gum is AMAZING!

Thanks again for letting me try the new product, it packs the same awesome breath freshening flavor of the original mints, but i find i'm also able to enjoy the flavor for a lot longer while i chew the gum, while also getting that perfect sublingual caffeine kick. I hope you guys will release the other 3 flavors in gum format in the near future :)

Suzanne D. (United States)

The taste was great . Nice energy boost , no crash!

Nicole R.B.
the right stuff

I was really doubtful about this product until I tried it has a great taste has a perfect amount of energy going on with it shipped super fast I like it alot

Rachel B. (United States)
I like it! Mint good and gives a jolt of caffeine, but minty taste did not last.

Mint was good but lost its minty taste after only a few minutes of chewing. The caffeine boost was mild but noticeable for some time. Caffeine boost lasted longer than the minty taste. It is a useful product.

Jacqui (United States)
Smell is good but taste is off

My totally honest review.. it smelled so good and I had high expectations because I loved the mints! I unfortunately didn’t like the gum. I think the stevia and xylitol mix made it have a funny aftertaste.