Try Viter Energy Caffeinated Gum - 2 Flavor Variety Sampler

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Ralph A.J.
Use often

I do not drink coffee or energy drinks which mess my stomach up. This product works great and does not mess with stomach. I buy 1/2 pound bags.

Daniel H. (United States)
Viter energy for the win!

Like most of the world I seek caffeine to help keep me alert and focused during work hours. The issue for me is that it mostly comes from coffee. These mints and gum are a GAME CHANGER! You won't have to worry about spilling coffee while on the go, too much sugar since its sugar free, and you still get the luxury of different flavors to choose from. Most importantly IT WORKS! - Chef Danny

Victor B. (United States)
Highly recommend

I ordered the sampler because I was to if it works and it does. I keep one in my pocket when I go to work ( I work 12 night shift_7p-7a ) it's convenient to for a quick pick me up when there's no time for a cup of joe. There were times when I had to sit with a combative patient from midnight to seven in the morning...trying to get some to cover me so I can get coffee to stay alert wasn't happening - Viter mints to the rescue. On my days off I keep them on my bedside table for those times I get a caffeine headache & don't want to get out of bed just yet. I highly recommend these, they work!

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James W. (United States)
Your energy boost, no jitters or crash later

I gotta admit, these things work. When I drink coffee or an energy drink, I quickly get nervous and get the shakes. None of that happens with these mints. And they do work. One day last week, I only had like 4 hours sleep and had to get up early. I was groggy and did not want to get out of bed. So, while laying in bed with the covers over my head, I popped one of these in my mouth and let it dissolve under my tounge. Within 5 minutes, I was wide awake and ready to go, all without the jitters or nervousness that you get with other forms. And no crash like you get with energy drinks. Most certainly going to get a bag or 2 in the future. Wintergreen is my favorite.

Elsie r. (United States)
Awesome little mints with a powerful punch!

I think that these are some really flavorful mints that give you that little kind of pick me up that is needed sometimes. The variety pack is nice because you can try all of them to see what they taste like. YouTube video placeholder
Wes i.W. (United States)
It just makes sense and works.

I like all the flavors in my variety pack, Viter Energy Caffeine Mints gets me through my live media stream gigs/events, the mints provide the right amount of kick without having to get in long coffee lines or deal with brewing a cup of coffee, and the price/shipping is right. Just makes sense Viter Energy Caffeine Mints is the future of on the go pick me up.............

JEANA W. (United States)
Great for ADHD or migraines

I’m not much of a caffeine user for energy and actually use caffeine more as a medicine. So my review may be different than a lot of others. I get migraines and caffeine really helps with them especially when taken with things like aspirin. I love these mints and gum because it’s the caffeine with out all of the sugar. I also have family members with ADHD which makes it hard for them to focus in school. Caffeine actually has the opposite affect on people with ADHD and it helps them to focus by calming the brain. So I had this family member eat a mint in the morning then again at lunch. The separate amounts of caffeine helped her to focus all day long in school, without having to drink coffee or having the added sugars that you would normally find in soda. The added bonus is the fresh breath that she is able to gain after eating lunch.