Try Viter Energy Caffeinated Gum - 2 Flavor Variety Sampler

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William A. (United States)
Neat idea

I've tried 3 of the 5 flavors, and I like them so far.
Are there plans to expand to fruity and/or sour flavors?

Jordan M. (United States)
SOOO Good!

I love these mints!! These are so great, especially for someone who doesn’t drink coffee. I love that they give a little buzz of energy but it’s not overwhelming. Will absolutely be buying again!

Erin M. (United States)

Just what I needed for that afternoon (or mid morning, or evening) boost. Will definitely be buying more. Very convenient and easy. Love them!

Elsa R. (United States)
Loving these mints

I'm prone to headaches and on most days would have to take over the counter meds with caffeine to relieve oncoming headaches. Now I just take 2 of these mints and it gives me the caffeine I need to ward off the headaches with out the other meds that, over time produce side effects. Thank you ViterEnergy for giving me a safer alternative :-)

Jennifer M. (United States)
Tasty little sparks

I'm a big fan of the cinnamon Viter Entergy mints - they taste great, and give me a little boost with each one. They go with me automatically into every work meeting, and have probably saved my butt more times than I can count. Thanks, Viter Energy!

Mare (United States)
Great for a quick, safe pick me up

Great to takenbefore that meeting after lunch or early afternoon on a long drive. Veterans products do NOT make you jittery or keep you awake at night. I especially love the minty gum.

Bill H. (United States)
Not too sweet, flavor stays with you....

Fine job. First, the flavors in the gum and mint are consistent with each other. The taste is clean and not sugary. Flavor in the gum stays well over thirty minutes. The caffeine level is that of one cup of coffee. I keep them right on my desk. Cinnamon is my favorite. Well done.