Viter Energy Extra Strength Caffeine Mints

    1. Made for people who want energy, great taste, and convenience in one product. Strong flavor with a fresh kick that'll energize you and freshen your breath.
    2. 80 milligrams of caffeine per mint (about a cup of coffee's worth or an energy drink) so you can have as much or as little caffeine as you need.
    3. Vitamin B complex in each mint - Niacin (B3), Vitamin B6, Folic Acid (B9), & Vitamin B12.
    4. 3 mints per pack, sugar free, zero calories, and strong minty flavor. Read the FAQs here for more information.
    5. Vegan, Star K Kosher, Gluten/Dairy/Soy/Wheat Free.
    6. Love them or your money back. Read over 1800 reviews here. Free USA shipping! International shipping available.
    1. Viter Energy Mints are breath mints about the size of a regular breath mint. The mints have a strong flavor with a touch of menthol for a powerful kick. They're round and they sit comfortably in your mouth.
    2. On-the-go packets are compact packs that fit in your pocket. A pack of mints is much easier to carry around than a beverage for energy on the go!
    3. We believe you should be in control of your energy levels. If one mint at 80 milligrams of caffeine isn't enough, just have another mint!
    4. Fast sublingual absorption through your mouth as you eat a mint so you feel the caffeine boost quickly without needing a lot of caffeine.

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    Micaela R.
    United States United States
    Best mints!

    Whether you’re at the office or on your day off these mints will Heflin you get whatever you do done! Great tasting and a boost of energy to boot! Goodbye coffee, hello Viter Energy Mints!!

    Debbie G.
    United States United States
    Extra strength

    I loved the regular strength. Then when the extra strength came out omg what a different. Keep up the great work. Debbie

    Adam I.
    United States United States

    The extra strength mints are good, but the packaging is frustrating. I never intend to eat 3 at a time. I end up opening several packs and put them in empty tins I have laying around. Having more variety than peppermint would be nice. I'm a bigger fan of Wintergreen.

    Mark G.
    United States United States
    good caffeine mints

    The Viter Extra Strength Caffeine Mints are a worthy successor to other departed, and sadly missed, brands.

    Jacalyn R.
    United States United States

    Love the mints wish you had the time in extra strength.

    Elijah F.
    United States United States
    Happy with purchase

    I'm very pleased with them in general. I with they were packaged differently, though. The ones I purchased came in packets with three mints each, but I often prefer to have fewer than three at a time. I wish they came in a tin so I could more easily have only one or two a day.

    Laura S.
    United States United States
    Love these mints!

    I tried the extra strength and love how just one goes a long way. Also because they are packaged in small amounts it is an easy thing to toss in a workout bag or purse. I even loved how when I travel I just take a few of the small packs with me. Very smart packaging. I am hooked and love the taste.

    Alix F.
    Delicious and Effective

    I’ve been using the regular Viter Energy mints when I’ve been in need but now that they have extra strength I wanted to give them a try! I’m on vacation now and want to be wide awake for everything and these mints help SO much! No crashing after, my breath is fresh after, and I feel pleasantly alert and awake. Rule of them, always keep a pack on you!