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These little mints are genious!

I know some may complain about the taste, and I'm not sure why. I'm really not sure how much better you can get caffeine to taste unless it is in a cup of coffee. To me, it is just what I need to power me forward. I especially like the Chocolate Mint and Cinnamon! And they fit in your running pouch. Love them!


It gave me the energy Monday when I worked out I started with 2 of the Peppermint flavor

Awesome little mints with a powerful punch!

I think that these are some really flavorful mints that give you that little kind of pick me up that is needed sometimes. The variety pack is nice because you can try all of them to see what they taste like.

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It just makes sense and works.

I like all the flavors in my variety pack, Viter Energy Caffeine Mints gets me through my live media stream gigs/events, the mints provide the right amount of kick without having to get in long coffee lines or deal with brewing a cup of coffee, and the price/shipping is right. Just makes sense Viter Energy Caffeine Mints is the future of on the go pick me up.............

Strong taste

Both the mints and gum have really strong tastes. But I do believe the caffeine gives me a more energy and is a nice boost.

Great for ADHD or migraines

I’m not much of a caffeine user for energy and actually use caffeine more as a medicine. So my review may be different than a lot of others. I get migraines and caffeine really helps with them especially when taken with things like aspirin. I love these mints and gum because it’s the caffeine with out all of the sugar. I also have family members with ADHD which makes it hard for them to focus in school. Caffeine actually has the opposite affect on people with ADHD and it helps them to focus by calming the brain. So I had this family member eat a mint in the morning then again at lunch. The separate amounts of caffeine helped her to focus all day long in school, without having to drink coffee or having the added sugars that you would normally find in soda. The added bonus is the fresh breath that she is able to gain after eating lunch.

Pretty darn happy

First off I want to let you know I didn’t just eat one piece and review it. I planned on writing a review much sooner on the gum and mints but we had a huge fire in the mountains by our family cabin (French Fire as it’s known) 26k acres burned.
So this really took up a ton of my time from writing this review a d doing many other things.
During this time I did use the both products (mints and gum) a lot (for about 2 weeks) do to having to make long drives back and forth from our home to our cabin to evacuate anything we could before the area was closed knowing the fire was covering so much area and fast.
So I was chewing away.
I found the wintergreen flavor to last longer than the cinnamon flavor. I really love cinnamon the flavor (made me think of my old favorite big red gum when i was a kid) and smell of just about anything Cinnamon.
The wintergreen flavor was on point and lasted a long time for my long drives. So that was great. I timed when I ate the gum while I was driving especially at night and I never seemed to get tired which was nice since I wasn’t fighting being tired even though i was.
This was a great test without really knowing or planning this review since I was worried about the fire and how close it was to our place and many friends cabins.
I also love that it’s aspartame free. I love to eat as clean as possible and helping people clean their bodies of inflammatory items they may not know about or realize they’re consuming.
I give this 5 stars because it worked great when I needed it most, and it taste good also. 👍👍

Great Alternative

I had the variety pack of gum and mint and really liked them. Instead of taking pre-workout before exercising, I popped a couple of mints or chewed a stick of the gum and they really came through for me. They are convenient, easily portable and taste great. They are a great alternative to coffee, energy drinks and pre-workout. I would highly recommend them to others who need a quick, convenient pick me up.

Great product!

I popped 2 of the spearmint flavors before a Zumba class and I'd say they held up pretty good. It was a full hour class. Can't wait to try the other flavors!!

Just the aroma of the Wintergreen Flavor Caffeinated Mints is amazing!

I have the Variety Sample box of Viter Energy caffeinated Mints. There are five different packages included in the box, which contains 3 mints each of the following flavors: Wintergreen, Peppermint, Spearmint, Cinnamon and Chocolate Mint. You can chew one or two tablets for an instant boost of energy and they taste great!


Love everything about Viter Mints. Very convenient when I just want caffeine on the run or during a gaming session. Love the taste, flavors and great breath with it. Will definitely recommend to others and use this on a daily. THANK YOU for an AMAZING PRODUCT! #RGSquad #RickmaGaming

Viter Energy Caffeine Mints
Kevin R. (United States)
Grest mints!

Much better than the penguin mints! Strong!


Gets me thru the day


It was really good I love the flavor

Caffeinated gum is AMAZING!

Thanks again for letting me try the new product, it packs the same awesome breath freshening flavor of the original mints, but i find i'm also able to enjoy the flavor for a lot longer while i chew the gum, while also getting that perfect sublingual caffeine kick. I hope you guys will release the other 3 flavors in gum format in the near future :)

Viter Energy Caffeine Mints
David K. (United States)
Great tasting mints that work!

I ordered the variety pack a couple of months ago. I needed an alternative to soda and energy drinks - which I've been drinking for decades. I tried the mints and liked them but wanted to put them to the test on a road trip. Thanks to COVID, that took a little longer than expected but I just got home after putting 1,500 miles on the car. Viter mints were just what I needed. When I was a little tired, I took one or two and I was good. No jitters and no liquid to force a pit stop. And I really like the flavor. I gave some to family members and two of them asked me to order more. So, I just ordered two 1/2 lb bags of our personal favorites - cinnamon and wintergreen. Viter customer service is great and they ship quickly. I am going to be a customer for a long time - maybe, if I'm lucky, they'll ask me to be a brand ambassador!

delicious, convenient, instant, clean energy

The energy I get from these mints is perfect- doesn't leave me jittery, and easy to get my custom ideal dose with 40g caffeine per mint (plus b vitamins !). I like to take one if I'm dragging right before a workout. Works like a charm for my mood and get going!

Great product

Very good product, and taste great too.

Viter Energy Caffeine Mints
J. (United States)
Great product

I have a business that requires me to drive long distances and work overnight. This product helps me to stay alert both on the job and driving. Great stuff, I will buy it again when I need it.

Love these mints!

I work 16 hour shifts as an RN, and could not do it without these mints. Just 2 about halfway through and I’m good to go. Thank you for a great alternative to coffee!

Pretty Great

These mints pack a punch when you need that pick me up. My favorites are Spearmint and Peppermint but all flavors taste great and they do keep your breath fresh. I normally use them in the afternoon when I'm feeling that mid day slump and they pick me up right away, great product :-).

Viter Energy Caffeine Mints
P. L. (United States)

I take 2 mints first thing in the morning right before doing my workout. It wakes me up and I noticed I am able to do a better workout with it. Much better than taking a preworkout shake or drinking coffee!

Viter Energy Caffeine Mints
Ramon R. (United States)

These energy mints are the best. The flavors are great and the energy they give you is fantastic. I live them.

Viter Energy Caffeine Mints
George C. (United States)
Enjoyed Giving Up Coffee

Viter Energy tastes great and releases energy without the digestive issues associated with coffee and other caffeine drinks. I think it's healthier, too. I like ALL the flavors and rotate them throughout the day. Bulk packages are reasonably priced. Thanks for the product.

Viter Energy Extra Strength Caffeine Mints - (30 Pack Box)
Maria D. (United States)
Just like a cup of coffee in the morning!

When I am feeling lazy I just reach my hand for a cup of coffee, oops, I mean , for my energy pills and go for a run!