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Tasty little sparks

I'm a big fan of the cinnamon Viter Entergy mints - they taste great, and give me a little boost with each one. They go with me automatically into every work meeting, and have probably saved my butt more times than I can count. Thanks, Viter Energy!

So far I have tried the regular caffeinated mints, variety pack and the wintermint extra strength ..

..mints. The normal strength ones are very convenient and give me a little ‘brain light’ to keep me going a little longer; I also tried the stronger ones, because I’m trying to avoid taking a nap every day because it ends up being way longer than a power nap is supposed to be. Well, good news is I don’t get jittery with these things, (an issue I’ve been struggling with energy drinks -i.e.bang) I’m just not sure if I should keep getting the strong ones or the normal strength ones.. ?Maybe I got used to the regular ones so the stronger ones seem to not have much of an effect? Maybe it’s the benadryl and occasional alcohol in my diet slowing me down? Lel, maybe I should’ve have started with the extra strength ones, haha. The taste is not bad, no crazy aftertaste or anything. The peppermint is really strong mint (you’ll feel it maybe if you drink a cold beverage right after it’s incredible!) so I just stay with wintermint even though peppermint actually does taste better (imo). Cinnamon and the other flavors were a bit odd for me or just ‘too new’ and unfamiliar I guess. Definitely save those tins or buy some (hey go-viter bros, please sell some empty tins on your website! Maybe different really cool designs? Maybe too much traffic? It’s okay if you don’t, just an idea; amazon can get a little limited sometimes) My 1/2 pound bulk bag stopped sealing after a while, so definitely tins will come in handy! These mints are so easy, and chugging down coffee all day is just not desirable, especially for a coffee hater. (Still cannot live without it.) Well, maybe just a go-viter mint every hour in a work-day will do the trick for me, but I haven’t tried it yet, and I’m sure there is a limit. The world spins on caffeine, especially those (cough, cough, me too!) who have early bird shifts and maybe or maybe not have a hard time sleeping early or sleeping in general, or have a hard time with a cat that wants to hold your attention all night long so you don’t really get to sleep even if you do go to bed early. I’ve tried those nasty 5 hour drink stuff, and then I realized, man I need a better option! So glad I found you guys! I don’t exactly get a supernatural power surge throughout my body when I take these, like I still feel tired, if I am legit gone. But they do keep at least one light on upstairs. I think I tried sharing this brand with some co-workers, and they seem to like the concept. A friend of my sister was too scared to try it because he said it might give him heart problems. For 80 mg — I don’t think it will do anything to him but I digress. I’m just glad I don’t have to swallow another pill, honestly! And I have tried to do that with that awful Vivarin I bought on Amazon, YUCK! Make me nauseous and gave me a headache! At least with these, you are kind of killing two birds with one stone. You wake up all while keeping fresh breath, and I haven’t tried the gum ones because I’m not sure if it’s just my teeth but too much chewing of gum (or anything chewy) and it’s just my teeth are going to let me know. Would it be a stretch to make ones that have 100 mg caffeine? Or maybe 200 mg with a mix of l theanine for a little bit of ‘balance’? haha, I guess at that point we would become test subjects! I already take a tiny teaspoon of l theanine every day to help with the jitters, because I can get them especially from the coffee I drink each morning, having a very public job, and a great help from the caffeine and/or lack of sleep. I don’t have these go viter mints first thing in the morning, I usually have them when I come from work and I’m getting tired, usually on those long rides home. There’s just something about being on the road for a long time that can really make it all catch up to you. !But maybe I need to get into a routine where I have one first thing in the morning, but then I already have coffee in the morning for my breakfast ‘bug drug’. Yawn. It’s such a drag. I haven’t tried taking both right after the other, I just don’t want any bad surprises.. I found you guys when I searched “caffeine mints” because I wanted something quick and easy, otherwise I’m not sure if I would have found you. For your products’ benefits and worth, a bit surprising you’re not in stores or maybe just not ones that are close to where I live? I will definitely continue to recommend your product because I think it does work and will help a lot of working people. What about flavors like minty lime, or no mint just like sour, tropical stuff as well ? Maybe that will be gross with the main ingredients you use or something? Maybe soda flavors like Dr Pepper, ginger anything; maybe you could also make like a powder that could be mixed in smoothies, water, juice, etc. Maybe some mints you guys make could have like a vitamin c infusion or some kind of immunity boosting mix-in for all the folks out there who are just always on the edge or just have weak immune systems? Elderberry, cranberry, tart cherry, or antioxidant rich blend of sorts.

Great for a quick, safe pick me up

Great to takenbefore that meeting after lunch or early afternoon on a long drive. Veterans products do NOT make you jittery or keep you awake at night. I especially love the minty gum.

My kitchen runs on these!

Why do you need a half pound of Caffeinated mints? Because I am the Chef of a kitchen that feeds 10,000 a day at least 2 meals! I have tried a ton of caffeinated items (gum, mints, drinks, bars, etc.). These are hands down the most effective and taste fantastic!

Cinnamon Gum Best for Fall, Winter Pickup

Best choice in caffeine gum for fall and winter months is the strong, long lasting cinnamon flavor.

Migraine Prevention

I suck on one or two each morning on waking to prevent migraine headaches. It works for me!

Absolutely amazeballs

I am in awe with the product taste great and kept me awake and fresh great job guys 20 stars outta 10 🙂

Not too sweet, flavor stays with you....

Fine job. First, the flavors in the gum and mint are consistent with each other. The taste is clean and not sugary. Flavor in the gum stays well over thirty minutes. The caffeine level is that of one cup of coffee. I keep them right on my desk. Cinnamon is my favorite. Well done.


These mints are so good. They gave me energy as well as fresh breath. Been using them at work and before exercising. All around a great product!

Viter Energy mints, now available as Gum

I'm always on the go from work to play. I need the right product to just give me the boost I need to get through and Viter Enegry mints and gum provides me with the right amount of caffeine to do that. I have been using Viter Energy mints for over 4yrs now and am so excited that they now come in gum form. Great job Viter!

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Awesome sampler

The gum is just as amazing as the mints!

Use often

I do not drink coffee or energy drinks which mess my stomach up. This product works great and does not mess with stomach. I buy 1/2 pound bags.

Viter energy for the win!

Like most of the world I seek caffeine to help keep me alert and focused during work hours. The issue for me is that it mostly comes from coffee. These mints and gum are a GAME CHANGER! You won't have to worry about spilling coffee while on the go, too much sugar since its sugar free, and you still get the luxury of different flavors to choose from. Most importantly IT WORKS! - Chef Danny

Viter Energy Caffeine Mints - 5 Flavor Variety Pack (SPECIAL OFFER)
Victor B. (United States)
Highly recommend

I ordered the sampler because I was to if it works and it does. I keep one in my pocket when I go to work ( I work 12 night shift_7p-7a ) it's convenient to for a quick pick me up when there's no time for a cup of joe. There were times when I had to sit with a combative patient from midnight to seven in the morning...trying to get some to cover me so I can get coffee to stay alert wasn't happening - Viter mints to the rescue. On my days off I keep them on my bedside table for those times I get a caffeine headache & don't want to get out of bed just yet. I highly recommend these, they work!

Your energy boost with no jitters or crash later,

I gotta admit, these things work. When I drink coffee or an energy drink, I quickly get nervous and get the shakes. None of that happens with these mints. And they do work. One day last week, I only had like 4 hours sleep and had to get up early. I was groggy and did not want to get out of bed. So, while laying in bed with the covers over my head, I popped one of these in my mouth and let it dissolve under my tounge. Within 5 minutes, I was wide awake and ready to go, all without the jitters or nervousness that you get with other forms. And no crash like you get with energy drinks. Most certainly going to get a bag or 2 in the future. Wintergreen is my favorite.

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Viter Energy Caffeine Mints
James W. (United States)
Your energy boost, no jitters or crash later

I gotta admit, these things work. When I drink coffee or an energy drink, I quickly get nervous and get the shakes. None of that happens with these mints. And they do work. One day last week, I only had like 4 hours sleep and had to get up early. I was groggy and did not want to get out of bed. So, while laying in bed with the covers over my head, I popped one of these in my mouth and let it dissolve under my tounge. Within 5 minutes, I was wide awake and ready to go, all without the jitters or nervousness that you get with other forms. And no crash like you get with energy drinks. Most certainly going to get a bag or 2 in the future. Wintergreen is my favorite.

Love this product

I love the flavors of each mints and love how it boosts your energy and the way it refreshes your breath .

Convenient & Effective

Some days there just aren't enough hours in the day to accomplish everything that needs to be done! These mints have the same amount of caffeine as 1 cup of coffee. Whether ur running late and forget ur morning java or need that mid day boost Viter energy mints are convenient and effevtive!

These little mints are genious!

I know some may complain about the taste, and I'm not sure why. I'm really not sure how much better you can get caffeine to taste unless it is in a cup of coffee. To me, it is just what I need to power me forward. I especially like the Chocolate Mint and Cinnamon! And they fit in your running pouch. Love them!

Try Viter Energy Mints - 5 Flavor Sampler (Special Offer)
Erica C.

It gave me the energy Monday when I worked out I started with 2 of the Peppermint flavor

Awesome little mints with a powerful punch!

I think that these are some really flavorful mints that give you that little kind of pick me up that is needed sometimes. The variety pack is nice because you can try all of them to see what they taste like.

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It just makes sense and works.

I like all the flavors in my variety pack, Viter Energy Caffeine Mints gets me through my live media stream gigs/events, the mints provide the right amount of kick without having to get in long coffee lines or deal with brewing a cup of coffee, and the price/shipping is right. Just makes sense Viter Energy Caffeine Mints is the future of on the go pick me up.............

Strong taste

Both the mints and gum have really strong tastes. But I do believe the caffeine gives me a more energy and is a nice boost.

Great for ADHD or migraines

I’m not much of a caffeine user for energy and actually use caffeine more as a medicine. So my review may be different than a lot of others. I get migraines and caffeine really helps with them especially when taken with things like aspirin. I love these mints and gum because it’s the caffeine with out all of the sugar. I also have family members with ADHD which makes it hard for them to focus in school. Caffeine actually has the opposite affect on people with ADHD and it helps them to focus by calming the brain. So I had this family member eat a mint in the morning then again at lunch. The separate amounts of caffeine helped her to focus all day long in school, without having to drink coffee or having the added sugars that you would normally find in soda. The added bonus is the fresh breath that she is able to gain after eating lunch.

Pretty darn happy

First off I want to let you know I didn’t just eat one piece and review it. I planned on writing a review much sooner on the gum and mints but we had a huge fire in the mountains by our family cabin (French Fire as it’s known) 26k acres burned.
So this really took up a ton of my time from writing this review a d doing many other things.
During this time I did use the both products (mints and gum) a lot (for about 2 weeks) do to having to make long drives back and forth from our home to our cabin to evacuate anything we could before the area was closed knowing the fire was covering so much area and fast.
So I was chewing away.
I found the wintergreen flavor to last longer than the cinnamon flavor. I really love cinnamon the flavor (made me think of my old favorite big red gum when i was a kid) and smell of just about anything Cinnamon.
The wintergreen flavor was on point and lasted a long time for my long drives. So that was great. I timed when I ate the gum while I was driving especially at night and I never seemed to get tired which was nice since I wasn’t fighting being tired even though i was.
This was a great test without really knowing or planning this review since I was worried about the fire and how close it was to our place and many friends cabins.
I also love that it’s aspartame free. I love to eat as clean as possible and helping people clean their bodies of inflammatory items they may not know about or realize they’re consuming.
I give this 5 stars because it worked great when I needed it most, and it taste good also. 👍👍