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Energy and Fresh Breath with Products that Work and Taste Great


We were at a Dave Mathews Band concert at The Gorge in Washington State during Labor Day weekend (photo above) a while back.

These were amazing tickets. Right up front in an area called The Pit which is standing room only. We got there early to get close to the stage.

But we had a problem.....

We were exhausted. And if we left to get a drink or go to the bathroom, we’d risk losing our spots.

Risk losing our spots in The Pit? Not worth it. So we stayed and pushed through.

How could we avoid this problem again? We needed an energy boost that wouldn’t send us to the bathroom (no drinks). Something that would fit in our pockets, taste great, and wouldn’t leave us awake all night.

The next day we started Viter Energy!


Our founders, Bryan and Jacob, created Viter Energy because they wanted fast energy at a concert that wasn’t a drink.

In formulating and testing our first product, original wintergreen mints, we learned that many other people wanted a fast on-the-go energy boost too.

Our customers cared about two things - it had to provide an energy boost and it had to taste great. Other bells and whistles didn’t matter, so we dedicated ourselves to making products that work with a powerful breath freshening flavor and taste.

But that wasn’t enough so we added a third thing. Value with a guarantee. We love these products and think you will too. They work, taste great, and come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

We’re all busy and sometimes need an extra boost. Our mission is to give you real results you can taste and feel immediately, so you can accomplish everything you want to do.

Why Viter Energy?

Why People Love Viter Energy Mints & Gum