Viter Energy Caffeine Gum - 2 Flavor Variety Pack


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Viter Energy Gum - Wintergreen & Cinnamon Flavors Variety 4 Pack

12 Pieces per sleeve = 48 Pieces of gum

60mg Caffeine per Piece

Viter (rhymes with fighter) Energy Gum is powerfully flavored sugar free chewing gum that contains caffeine, guarana and B Vitamins.

Made for people who want energy, great taste, and convenience in one product, take it with you anywhere - for when you need a quick boost of fast energy and fresh breath.

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Robert M. (United States)
Caffeinated gum is AMAZING!

Thanks again for letting me try the new product, it packs the same awesome breath freshening flavor of the original mints, but i find i'm also able to enjoy the flavor for a lot longer while i chew the gum, while also getting that perfect sublingual caffeine kick. I hope you guys will release the other 3 flavors in gum format in the near future :)

Kilo M. (Israel)
Love the taste, much easier to get the caffine this way, mints always feel too strong.

Love the taste, much easier to get the caffine this way, mints always feel too strong.

Taylor S. (United States)
Love it

I love this product. The flavor is spot on with some of the bigger gum brands out there, but it packs a punch with the added caffeine kick, as well as with how long the flavor lasts!

Definitely recommend trying it out!

Andrew B. (United States)
Go Viter or Go Home

Everything I’ve purchased from Viter is incredible! I highly recommend!

Colton P. (Canada)
Good Boost For Streaming

I feel the gum was a great and quick replacement for Coffee, a quick and fast acting bit of Caffeine and a very good choice if you need to stay awake for a few more hours. i often use it for streaming at night.

Katy B. (United States)
Obsessed! I LOVE it!

I've been regularly ordering the mints for quite a while now. I find them super tasty, and super convenient. Also, I don't eat any sugar in my diet, so these are perfect there too!
Helped me quit drinking sweetened, creamy coffees in the mornings. I also travel a lot for work, sometimes internationally, resulting in jet lag - these are an absolute miracle for those times.
So I ordered the gum the day it came out and eagerly awaited its arrival. I wasn't shocked how much I love it since I know the company's products already - but it's awesome!
Just put in my 3rd order today. Love that they run promos and I've emailed them a few times about different things over the past 2 years and always get a reply! Super amazing and helpful service. The gum is terrific! I like the taste and texture MUCH more than the neurogum that I'd tried previously. Now I have the gum and mints, for whichever suits the moment.
Highly recommend!